We strive to provide services of a high quality, where reliability is an important factor. Respect for the privacy of our customers and careful handling of their personal data is an important part of the reliability of our products and services. This privacy statement contains information about how we handle your personal data.

Visiting our website
In order to continuously improve our website, we keep records about the use of our website by our visitors. For this we use cookies. Examples of data we keep are:

  • The number of visitors per day.
  • The average length of stay on the MyShipper website.
  • The number of clicks before a certain action is performed.
  • The settings of your device that your browser sends to us, with which you may be uniquely identifiable and your website visit can be followed.
We may share this data, which may in certain circumstances be personal data, with third parties that carry out analyses for us, such as Google Analytics.

MyShipper account
In purchasing a service a product from us, you provide personal information to us. We will use these only for the purposes stated below.

What do we use your personal data for?

  • The most important thing is that we can deliver the requested products or services to you. For this we need your personal data.
  • If you purchase a product or service from MyShipper, we can keep you up to date via e-mail.
  • With your  consent, we will keep you informed of news about other types and own products and services of MyShipper, or products and services of third parties.
  • We trace abuse of our services. In certain cases we use your personal data for monitoring the production process and / or for preventing and / or detecting fraud.
  • If you have any questions or complaints, we will try to help you as soon as possible. We also need your personal data in some cases for this.
Sharing your data with third parties
We use external parties for a number of services. When we make use of external parties, it may happen that we share your personal data with these parties. Most external parties support us in delivering the product or service you request. In some cases it may involve additional services, such as facilitating marketing activities. Naturally, we make good agreements with these parties about the careful handling of your personal data.

Contact with our customer service
Our Customer Service can be reached via telephone or mail. In order to help our customers well and quickly, we use personal information. We also use this information to keep our customers informed of their request or complaint. We save questions and complaints for a limited amount of time.

Track & Trace
In the open part of the MyShipper website you will find a Track & Trace function. This function shows no to minimal personal data. If you use the Track & Trace function of the carrier, the conditions of this party apply.

MyShipper collects personal data when downloading MyShipper documents, manuals and reports. When you download a document, you agree that you can be contacted by MyShipper.

Making an appointment
Business advice on the services of MyShipper? In this case we can make an appointment, where one of our account managers will visit you. In order to make an appointment, we need some personal data. With your consent, we can also use your details to  contact you later.

Actions and events
If we organize an action, event or a promotion at MyShipper, it is important for us to know who is participating. That is why we need certain information from you. Moreover, we can provide you with information about the time and place of the action.

In addition, it may be interesting for us to find out if more products were sold during or after an action, event or promotion, or what type of customer came to it. For some actions we work together with external service providers. In that case we will share your information with these parties.

Social Media
MyShipper uses social media to keep you informed. No conditions from MyShipper are linked to the use of social media. You agree with the conditions of the social media platform.

We also use the features of social media platforms. MyShipper has no influence on what data social media platforms collect from you. You can find the details of this in the conditions of the social media platform.

Customer loyalty
In order to increase the loyalty of our customers, we use personal data. We will only use this information to increase customer loyalty.

Notifications and Promotions
We can send you relevant notices and notifications about the operational status of our services. We use your personal data to determine the relevance of the reporting. We offer you the possibility to subscribe or unsubscribe for certain announcements and notifications.

Your Opinion Counts
In order to improve our service we find it important to get to know our customers well. We can use customer data to ask if our customers want to participate in a customer or market research. We keep the results of the research for a limited period of time.

All our offices are equipped with cameras. This is important for your safety, but also for those of our colleagues and property. The camera images are kept for a limited amount of time, unless there are good reasons to keep the images for a longer time, for example for a police investigation.

You can use the Wi-Fi network during a visit to one of our offices. Once you are logged into our Wi-Fi network, data is automatically collected from your device. These data are stored for a limited time and are only used to prevent possible misuse. If illegal activities take place from our Wi-Fi network, we can block the access of the device you use with our Wi-Fi network.

Visiting our office
We keep track of who visits our offices. This is important for your safety, but also for those of our colleagues and property. We keep this data for a limited amount of time.